For Hire

Decade Of Data(DOD) offers data analytics and technical writing for businesses. DOD can be hired for data analytics and business intelligence, data science and AI development; and providing technical writing and research in a range of technologies.

If you would like to work together please contact.

Data science and software development

  • Using Python and SQL to discover patterns in big data.
  • Data analytics with Numpy and Pandas.
  • Building data models with machine learning. 
  • Solving problems with Artificial Intelligent(AI) algorithms. 
  • Integrating blockchain technology with apps.
  • Working with different backend technologies such as Javascript, React JS, MongoDB and Solidity.

Business intelligence

  • Visualising data to understand customer and client base.
  • Predict future sales based on current datasets.
  • Search Engine Optimisation(SEO).
  • Keyword research for Pay Per Click(PPC) internet marketing.

Technical writing and research

  • Writing content for a range of technologies.
  • Research with data science for different markets. 
  • Specialising in AI and blockchain technology. 



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